Hello, I'm Madi

Four years ago I was attending a school where being in a same-gender relationship was valid grounds for expulsion. Queer people are finding themselves in this situation right now in educational institutions, in religious organizations, at their jobs, in their homes. They may be in more dangerous environments than I was. They may have fewer safety nets, fewer friends, fewer resources. I remember not knowing what it could look like to be proud of myself as a queer person. I didn't know what it could look like to be proud of another queer person. I had no models for that. So I searched for what it looks like to be proud.

Here are some of the stories I heard.


I have been confronted with the reality that my circle of friends, and their circle of friends, lack diversity in race and age. This project is small and by no means representative of the queer community.

ALSO, big thanks to everyone who participated. It takes an enormous amount of bravery and strength to share your story. And for those of you who cannot share your story: I’ve been there and your very existence is brave.

If you would like to share your story or want more information about the project, please reach out.