“I am proud of my love for learning.

When people ask “what do you do?”, I am proud that I don’t do one thing, I do a lot. I’ve allowed myself to explore new jobs and hobbies and experiences: as a white water raft guide, as a rancher, and most recently, a carpenter. I love learning new skills and ways of living.

Learning new things has taken bravery. The first time I was truly brave was when I was 17 and decided to live in Chile as an exchange student, moving away from family for an entire year. I think this was a jumping off point for me, I proved to myself that new was good.

I used to think that the biggest adventures were the best adventure; recently though, I’m realizing that the small things are meaningful and worthwhile too. I will always follow my passions and learn new things, but instead of moving across the country every few months, I have found that same sense of adventure in learning to make shoes, carving spoons, and being able to fix the kitchen sink by myself.”