"Pride. I am proud. I feel proud. I own the pride of my queerness, LGBTQ-ness, my “I don’t really know what I am, but I have a wife-ness”. I am proud of my small-town family that has grown with me in this world. For my niece and nephews who think nothing about having two aunts. They can ask questions freely, as children do, and know an honest answer will be received. I am proud of my ability to stand up to those who think gay jokes are still funny, and don’t apply to me and my wife. I am proud of my politics, and I am saddened by the family I have lost because they throw their hurtful, hateful, and ignorant president at me. I am proud of the many years that it took me to earn a bachelor’s degree in Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies. I take pride in the way my education, based solely around minorities, shapes my life and all aspects of my work. I am so proud to work in healthcare. I am proud to take experiences from my fellow queer folk about our poor health care experiences and spread them like wildfire, until we are heard and change happens. I am proud of this wild, messy life that I have lived. I am proud of my imperfections, and the crooked paths that have led me here. This is my pride!"