"I’m proud of the magic I explore, create, and indulge through my queerness.

Queerness is magic. Plain and simple. I believe magic is the flow of connection through alignment. One thing the heteropatriarchy does really well is erect boundaries and limits and definitions, and nothing could be more antithetical to magic. We (queers) have always been the ones attuned to the beyond - the witches, the soothsayers, the healers - because we actively transgress, we seek to destroy limits, we go beneath the surface. My pride in my queerness is intimately connected to the magic that I feel and perceive and create through striving for my fullest expansive queer self.

My journey with my identity endlessly opens my eyes to awe and wonder in the world. I cannot fully appreciate the complexity of the world if I don’t know and love the complexity of myself. As I’ve embraced my queerness, I’ve opened myself up to magic. Social constraints make us one-dimensional; they destroy beauty. I'm out here to create beauty. To create magic. To break definitions. I strive to express magic as a musician, and I am immensely proud of that. Art is magic as well - the same connection and alignment with the beyond, that looking beneath the surface."