"I am proud of being simultaneously an agent of change and a bridge builder.

I grew up in a conservative Pentecostal church. I remember from a young age wanting to break out and not accept the narrow view of reality I was being taught. When I came out in college, I was pushing the boundaries of my faith and my upbringing.

I have been proud of the bridge-building that I’ve been able to do as a gay seminarian and now priest. Many of these congregations had never had an openly gay, married priest, and in most places, people have had differing feelings about it. I’ve put a lot of energy and work in helping people who have not made the journey to acceptance. An older gentleman recently said to me 'when you came here, I was ready to leave the church, but you befriended me, and that helped me come to a place where I could be transformed.'

What worries me about getting older and living in a post-marriage equality society is that we will become comfortable and stop fighting oppression in the church and the world.

I think pride, for me, is the willingness to believe in ourselves enough that we are still able to cause waves and expand boundaries. I’m proud to cause at least some waves."