"I am proud of my ability to adapt to my circumstances in the face of adversity.

My circumstances haven’t always been ideal (whose have?). When I was 15, I had recently lost my dad, dropped out of high school, and was dating people who weren’t good for me. I was 15, but felt like I was 25.

I think about my dad a lot and wonder what he would have thought of me as an adult. Would he have accepted me as trans? Would I have made him proud when I got my GED, graduated from my dream school, and started a meaningful career in cosmetology?

Maybe it’s like I’m trying to prove something to him, or myself, or the world. Either way, I am proud of the passion that has brought me where I am today. Without that passion, I wouldn’t have made it to 20. And although I’ll never know what will happen tomorrow—if salons will get shut down again, if I'll ever figure out my 401k or my taxes—I know that things do keep going, things do get better; I just have to keep my fucking foot on the gas and I will get somewhere."