“I am proud of the relationships I’ve developed through writing, both with other people and with myself.

Writing helps me say things that I struggle to name in face-to-face conversations. Whether I’m writing poetry about family or a short story about whichever historical figure I'm currently obsessing over, writing helps me to connect and communicate with the people in my life.

Writing is also a big part of my ongoing self-discovery.

A few years ago, I became captivated by the relationship between Mary Wollstonecraft (18th century feminist icon, mom to the woman who wrote Frankenstein) and Fanny Blood (science illustrator, Mary's closest companion). I read everything I could dig up on the subject, and, enthralled with the deep, queer love they shared, I wrote a poem.

This was back when I was in the early, messy stages of coming to terms with my sexuality, and imagining their experience helped me to understand my own. Writing about Mary and Fanny let me feel distance from my relationship with sexuality, to see queer love as the lush & lovely thing it is."


An excerpt: When the pomp of my end is done / and I am in the ground with you / let us find a mausoleum / to rest in / When we run out of space on our bones / I’ll write walls of stories / You’ll draw our bodies as tangled irises / on the ceiling.