"I am proud to say that I was a damn good nurse. After working for years in a variety of pediatric settings, I became a clinical nurse specialist—which means I was the resource for all the floor nurses. Whenever  nurses had questions, they came to me. I was one of those lucky people who loved what she did, which made life much nicer.

My wife, Heidi, of course also makes life much nicer. After being in each other’s lives now for 51 years, I'm proud of all the things we’ve done together. We met when we were just teenagers. I’ve known Heidi before we started our careers, before children, before everything.

I’m proud that we stayed together for all the years in the closet. I’m proud that we moved to Minnesota to start over at 50. And I’m so proud that we got married when it first became legal. It was such a neat day—Heidi and I just had a ball. I’m proud to call her my wife, even though I’m still getting used to the use of the word ‘wife’."