"I’m proud of the ways I bring people together. I love to host, to invite friends and not-yet-friends into my home, to prepare extravagant meals and “signature cocktails.” I love to see new friendships form around my dining room table.

Bringing people together, especially friends who didn’t know each other, was something my brother and I loved to do. We’d spend the day prepping silly drinks and way too much food to grill. And as the night wore on, we’d delight together at new friends connecting, laughing, enjoying the ease of our home.

I’m proud I get to carry on Stephen’s legacy, and I’m especially proud to do it alongside my partner and forever co-host. Though they never got to meet, Steve and Vatina’s connection feels particularly strong on the days and nights and next mornings of hosting—that fills my heart with pride and happiness.

(COVID note: I haven’t felt this kind of pride in a while, and that’s okay. One day when it’s safe, I look forward to friends piling into my home, bags packed for the weekend.) "