"My pride journey started when I pulled myself out of the mold that had been set for me. When I left home for college, I began cultivating a space for my Self to emerge — asking questions like “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”. These questions led to the explosion of everything.

It was amidst this explosion that I realized something about gifts; that they are not entirely our own; rather, they are given to us, or shared with us, by Something Greater. I find this humbling, and it reminds me that gifts shouldn’t be tied up in ego.

So I suppose that what I’m most proud of [read: humbled by] are my gifts in the realm of healing arts. It feels like there are endless ways to practice healing work, which infinitely excites my curiosity. I love to pull tarot cards and am a birth doula in training. In the Fall I’ll begin my studies to become a clinical counselor at a school focused on integral and transpersonal consciousness. It would be an honor to eventually learn to practice reiki as well as become a death doula. I’m proud to be exploring the gifts I’ve been given, and I am proud to be submitting to the unknown.”