"A good friend recently compared me to a rhinoceros in the way I plod I forward, whether it be up a mountain or through grad school. I do not go in fits and starts; I go slowly and continually.

I am proud of doing the next right thing. The truth is I get stuck a hundred times a day, but I also get unstuck a hundred times a day, and that equals constant forward motion.

The next right thing is often going to bed, getting out of bed, taking a walk, taking a bath, cooking dinner, flossing my teeth. I’m good at these things.

But sometimes the next right thing is taking a job I don’t feel 100% sure about, sitting down and writing the damn paper, going to therapy, coming out. Those things are hard and make me want to stay in the bath all day.

I have a mantra that runs through my head daily: “hard thing, right thing, same thing”.

Doing the next right thing has led me to this particular place in my life that I’m proud of, and it has paved my path with integrity. I’m proud of how I got here."