"I am proud to be someone who gives it my all.

I have a tendency to be consumed by things—particularly things that require a considerable amount of work. I recently finished making a queen size quilt by hand, which—let me tell you—was no joke.

In hindsight, some of my marathons of laser-focused energy have produced subpar outcomes (think: homemade pleated knit dress, a comprehensive 3D model of my parent’s basement, a rag rug 13+ years in the making). These projects never made it on a shelf, on a hanger, or certainly not an Instagram post.

I’ve been learning recently that my obsessions aren’t just silly solitary projects—they can be communal, shared, received. I’m proud of this project. And I’m proud of all the participants who made it easy to keep going, to keep me laser-focused. I am proud that I gave this one my all."