"I am proud of my ability to reinvent myself.

After college, I felt super lost. I had just gotten an engineering degree, with no intentions of actually being an engineer. I was working at a pickle stand in Ohio, accumulating vinegar burns, when I realized that my life there felt purposeless, like I was stuck in transition. So, I picked up and moved out to a farm in Vermont on a whim. It was the best decision of my life. I had purpose there—I was a farmer.

After moving to Vermont, I reinvented myself in other ways. I think it was a part of growing up and moving away from my home state, but I was learning more about myself than I ever had. Before Vermont, I never considered myself an artist, but then I found ceramics and thought “shit, I really enjoy this, I might be an artist.”

I moved again to Minnesota and now I’m reinventing myself in more ways. I've only recently acknowledged my queerness. Moving here has allowed me to find a community of friends in which queerness is the norm. I’ve felt so supported and encouraged to experiment with my presentation and to find new, authentic forms of self-expression. I'm starting to recognize myself more and more when I look in the mirror.

So I guess I’m proud of doing what’s best for myself, even when it’s scary."